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Our Story

Meet the Selman sisters, whose journey began in 1998 in Barbados when Chantel opened her Lightbody Wholistic Clinic. Recognizing the need for a health store, they launched Organic Earth in 2000, initially in Sunset Crest, St. James, Barbados. After two years, they consolidated to a single location in Pelican Village, St. Michael, to accommodate both the Clinic and the Health Food Store.

Now, they're embarking on a new chapter together, bringing both their passions and expertise to the forefront of their new partnership. Their mission is to educate and empower others to lead healthier lives through online courses, challenges, workshops, and retreats.

They're dedicated to serving delicious, tropical-inspired, raw vegan meals that nourish the body and the planet. They also share traditional herbal remedies, emphasizing the power of nature's remedies for holistic health. Giving back to the community is at the core of everything they do.

Today, the Selman sisters are partnering to offer a unique and tropical experience of holistic wellness products and services in Barbados and Canada. This partnership is not just a business venture but a commitment to building a lasting family legacy and in the health industry.

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Meet Chantel

Founder & Raw Food Chef

Chantel's expertise spans a multitude of disciplines, making her a true luminary in the field of wholistic wellness. As a Certified Raw food Chef and Botanical Health Coach, she guides individuals on their journey to better health, using plants and natural remedies to restore balance and vitality. Her skills as an Iridologist allow her to assess a person's health through their eyes, providing valuable insights into their overall well-being.

Chantel training from Dominion Herbal College has provided her with a solid foundation in herbal medicine, while her mentorship under Master Chef Baba Aris Latham has deepened her understanding of Caribbean plant-based cuisine. This combination has her well-versed in the properties of various herbs and plants, understanding how they can be used to address a wide range of health issues, while create delicious tropical meals.


The Selman's Barbadian heritage is the cornerstone of her culinary philosophy, influencing every aspect of her creation. Drawing from generations of tradition, Chantel skillfully infuse classic tropical Caribbean flavors with modern nutritional insights, creating dishes using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, she not only honor her heritage but also support sustainable farming practices and reduce carbon footprint.


Chantel's impact transcends the kitchen, reaching audiences through her online courses, live workshops and presentations, a longstanding radio show, and a new podcast. Through these platforms, she actively educates the public on the significance of holistic health practices and the utilization of tropical Caribbean plant resources. Chantel's culinary creations not only reflect her botanical expertise but also promote a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. Her tropical, plant-based cuisines serve as a testament to her commitment to showcasing the benefits of a holistic approach to wellness.

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Meet Michelle

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Michelle's started her career journey at American Airlines (Barbados), which was marked by a decade of dedication and growth. Starting as a Passenger Service Agent, she quickly distinguished herself with her exceptional customer service skills and dedication to excellence. Her passion and commitment led to her promotion to Regional Account Executive for the Caribbean, where she managed key accounts and fostered strong relationships with clients.


Seeking new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth, Michelle made the bold decision to relocate to Canada. It was a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of a new chapter in her career. Embracing change with resilience and determination, Michelle transitioned into the field of event management, leveraging her skills in customer service, relationship building, and organization to excel in her new role, which landed her a once in a life-time opportunity to work with the Secretariat for the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference.

During her 13 years at the Secretariat for the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference, Michelle immersed herself in the intricacies of organizing and managing a high-profile conference. She thrived in the fast-paced environment, where attention to detail, impeccable planning, and effective communication were paramount. Michelle's role involved coordinating the travel and Study Tour logistics across Canada, for a diverse range of stakeholders, from government officials to corporate sponsors, ensuring that each event was executed flawlessly and met the highest standards of excellence.


Now, Michelle is embarking on a new and exciting journey alongside her sister at Organic Earth iRaw Inc. This venture is more than just a business opportunity; it is a full-circle moment for her, representing the culmination of her professional experience, but also her personal experience,  which was profoundly shaped by her miraculous survival of an Amniotic Fluid Embolism during child birth, that led her to a holistic healing journey of mind, body, and spirit. Michelle's aim is to build a successful family company and leave a lasting legacy in the health and wellness industry.

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